The Top 10 Skills Every Intern Should Know Before Applying For An Internship

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Internships not only help in providing more weight to your resume, but they are also a big deal when it comes to learning how a company functions. A good learning experience during an internship can be a big boost to your career and is often termed as a foundation for a fruitful journey.

Considering the level of competition that exists for the internship at your dream company, it is better to go through the top soft skills that these companies look for in their interns. Your manager or superior who is going to make a life-changing decision of appointing an intern in the firm is not so much interested in your grades and GPAs. He or she is rather looking for skills that are useful in the corporate ecosystem.

This is the soft skills list that every intern should know before applying for an internship:


When it comes to cracking your interview, communication is one of the key aspects that can make a big difference. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is among the top interview skills. During your interview, you can mention events or presentations that you have been a part of in which you got an opportunity to demonstrate your communication skills. This could be an event that you handled for the college or a presentation you made during an assignment.


For a company to function effortlessly, managers require team members that carry a positive attitude. Your attitude is among the top soft skills that you can have. You do not want trouble makers or people who keep throwing new tantrums every day. As a result, your manager would also be looking for people who have a positive attitude. This could be towards work, studies or life in general. The short point is, you need to project how your attitude will only add positive vibes to the company culture. A short story about an incident that you have faced in the past but were to overcome due to your attitude will help in your interview.


For a company to grow fast and beat the competition, it requires a team that is curious at heart and is not afraid to try new things. An intern or a team of interns are expected to be curious and bring the rush of young blood into the culture. It can be via challenging the status quo or just be curious about the various functions and roles in the company. A curious mind is well-appreciated in the corporate ecosystem, especially in the early years.

Time Management

Coming and going back on time will not cut it in your internship at the company. How you manage your time overall will make a big difference in how to make an impression among your team and management. If you can manage your tasks in time, it will create a positive impression for you in front of your manager. You can start by creating a to-do list a day in advance and think about how you plan the next day to go before going to bed.


A flexible approach always scores more as compared to a rigid mindset. When you keep an open mind towards new processes and systems, it shows in your attitude. A flexible approach also helps in multitasking and focuses on items that have a higher priority for the company.


Gone are the days when managers used to keep an eye on their team as high school teachers. Today, you are expected to follow the law of the land and policies that govern the company. Do not expect constant reminders or somebody to tell you your work schedule. With the remote working ecosystem flourishing, companies increasingly prefer interns who are self-disciplined as compared to interns who they would have to hand-hold a lot more.


Interns get hired in full-time roles all the time in companies. But to appear on that list, you need to have the ability to solve problems regularly. It is a combination of critical thinking and an analytical bent of mind. While you cannot explicitly mention this on your resume, you can always project your ability to be a problem-solver during the job interview or while you are working as an intern.

Proactive approach

This is among the top priority in the soft skill list. You have to be proactive in your approach during your internship. Do not always expect orders from your manager and do them just well enough so that you get your certificate or stipend. Being proactive during your internship can get you that letter of recommendation or even better a permanent job at the company you are interning.

 Research and Analysis

Interns are often made to work a lot of foundational work for projects. As a result, you would require the ability to research and analyze data. You can mention this skill on your resume and give specific examples of your ability to research, read and make sense of data available.

Technology Skills

This is a no-brainer. You are expected to know how technology works in the world today. If not advanced, you are expected to know the basics of solutions that are related to your domain and life in general. For instance, if you are applying for an internship in a digital marketing agency, you would be expected to know how websites, social media platforms, and back-end technologies work in this industry. 

These are the top job interview skills that you can work upon before appearing for the next internship interview. This soft skills list will help you get started in your journey to get selected for an internship at your dream company. 

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