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About Us

myXP, as an idea, was inspired by the Zolo community, where Zolo and all of its residents helped people who lost their jobs during the pandemic. Zoloites helped their roommates get placed in this most difficult of times. The difference and the biggest difference was that we identified then and there, the right and relevant inputs from the community about prospective jobs.

And thus, myXP was born.
Born with the idea of bridging the disconnect that exists in the system, between what students learn through various programs and what employers expect from them while hiring.

Students spend millions of rupees to complete their studies and other courses - all of which ideally, has to culminate in a great job. However, due to less job contextuality and job relevance of the courses, a significant majority of these students struggle to get one.

Ironically, at the same time, the companies are struggling to get the right talent for their workforce. And this is where we come in.

At myXP, we have created a solution that bridges this last-mile gap. One which helps job aspirants as well as the companies who hire them. Everyone wins!

To ensure the best outcomes, myXP has developed India’s most cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML) technology, ensuring the highest quality and impact.


A bird is meant to fly. A fish is meant to swim. As the human race, we are meant to excel. Our vision is for everyone to get the best they deserve.


The genesis of the idea happened during the pandemic, when Zolo saw the number of people being left jobless and homeless.


To eliminate the disconnect between what was expected from the workforce, and what was taught in school.


To eliminate the disconnect in the system between what the world wants and what the world is getting trained on. We believe in walking the talk and thus, we are willing to put our skin on the line by providing a guarantee on job placement.