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Frequently Asked Questions
What is myXP?
The myXP brand, a Zolo brand, connects job seekers with internships and jobs tailored to their interests. Finding the perfect internship or job is now easier than ever thanks to the vast array of internships and employment opportunities available.
Is this a job consultancy?
myXP, a job-tech platform, connects job seekers with dream jobs by identifying the best match between their skills and interests. myXP ensures job opportunities for all job seekers who utilise its services by utilising state-of-the-art AI and machine learning screening processes. Additionally, for businesses seeking new hires, myXP provides a shortlist of the most qualified candidates for their job roles.

myXP's services are not limited to connecting job seekers with employers seeking to hire them. It prepares an individual for employment by developing their soft skills through one-on-one mentoring sessions, teaching them how to handle interview questions, and teaching them how to write professional resumes.
Do I have to pay anything?
Indeed, you do. However, myXP has streamlined the process for job seekers by allowing them to pay post-placement with the option of zero-interest EMIs.
Do you guarantee that I will get a job?
Yes, we certainly do! We promise job placement with over 400 of the most prestigious organisations in the industry. We promise a refund of your payment if you do not get placed after going through our process.
What if I don’t clear an interview or don’t get a job?
Do not despair; myXP will schedule additional interviews with various firms
If we are unable to place you, we will refund your money.
Bear in mind that you must attend and give your 100% during the interviews
What is a Guaranteed job?
A guaranteed job is one in which you have been assured of placement in a position that is a good match for your skillset. Here, you'll get an excellent start on your path to a stellar career. A guaranteed job has a high retention rate of employees.
How do I complete the payment?
You can pay us online using a debit/credit card, UPI, or netbanking through our portal. Additionally, you can pay in 12 easy and interest-free instalments. The first instalment would be due 30 days after enrolling in the course.
Where is myXP located ? Which locations does it cater to?
Bengaluru, India is the headquarters of myXP. Currently, our classes are available online.
How many hiring partners does myXP have?
Over 400 distinct hiring partners across multiple verticals and esteemed organisations
Can I get a full-time job through XP Jobs Programme?
Yes, you will be getting a full time job
Is there a Paid Internship through XP Intern Programme?
Yes, you will be getting the stipend, as per the hiring organisation norms
What is a video profile and why do you want the video?
A video profile enables us to assess your skill set and your comfort level with conducting interviews. The areas that require polish and the areas in which you excel. Our AI & ML software curates the shortlist of candidates for the companies based on your video profile.
What is the complete process and how long does it take?
The entire process takes four weeks from start to finish and begins with the applicant uploading a video profile of themselves.
Do you have WFH opportunities as well?
Yes, we also offer work-from-home opportunities, depending on the requirements of the companies; myXP values both work-from-home and work-from-office opportunities equally.
Who is eligible to apply for MFirstXP's guaranteed job program ?
Applicants must be Indian citizens with a valid PAN and Aadhar card who reside in India. Aspirants will require a laptop or smartphone, as well as an active internet connection, to attend classes. It is also necessary to have a basic understanding of the English language.
How do I get selected for myXP programmes?
myXP is an invitation-only programme for selected students. Candidates have to register at myXP and successfully complete an interview process. Selected candidates will be able to enrol in myXP programmes.
Will I recieve a certification if I complete the program ?
Yes, you will receive a course completion certificate
What is the minimum salary that i will get if i am a fresher ?
The starting salary for a fresher in our XPJobs programme is 3L per year
Will i get my course fee refunded if i dont get a job?
Yes, if you complete the course on time and do not receive an offer letter within 90 days of course commencement, you will receive a refund.
Other commonly asked questions
Which job has the highest salary in India?
Business, sales/business development, information technology, healthcare, data analytics, banking, financial services, and marketing are the highest-paying jobs in India.

Top corporates in these sectors pay between Rs. 7 and 15 lakhs per year, with the highest wages ranging between Rs. 20 and 40 lakhs per year
Why do you want this job?
While there are many ways to answer this question, keep in mind two key points:

Avoid selfish motives: Whatever the case, don't make money, hours, or commuting your main motivations. Consider how you can help the company rather than how the company or job can help you.

Don't reread your resume: A long work history focuses on you instead of the employing firm and the value you may bring to them. Be careful and prudent in revealing portions of your career history.
How to get a job?
Before applying for a job, you must first construct a professional résumé, define your interests, and then apply. Graduates can apply for college campus recruitment.

You can join different groups that inform you of employment openings. You can build a LinkedIn profile, fill it out with essential information, and connect with others. Jobs can be found on myXP based on your qualifications. You may have contacts who can tell you about job openings.

To be considered for a job, you must have outstanding communication skills, politeness, and professional knowledge.

You must keep looking. It's a tough job. You may get many rejections, but it does not mean you will not try again. You must regularly check your emails and accounts. To be successful in your job search, you must be motivated.

Visit the website mentioned in the link to learn more about finding great work. You'll learn what it takes to get a good job.
How to make a resume for a job?
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Why are you interested in this job?
How to write a resume for a job?
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What is content writing jobs?
The job of a content writer is to create print and digital collateral for companies to provide information or highlight their products or services. Content writers conduct extensive research on relevant material before writing each article or product description. They work closely with a content manager and the company's clients, to write in accordance with the editorial style of the organisation. An effective writer works independently and meets deadlines on a regular basis.

Most content writers have a bachelor's degree in English or marketing. You can, however, enter the sector without a degree if you start as an intern, or show writing proficiency with a portfolio of your work. Content writers must be proficient in a range of writing and publishing products, including Microsoft Office, G Suite, and WordPress. It's crucial to have a keen eye for detail, and the capacity to operate under pressure to be successful in this job role.
Will robots take my job?
Artificial intelligence will not have a significant impact on the majority of white collar jobs. These include jobs in engineering, healthcare, data science, human resources, law, event planning, content creation, as well as jobs in science and software development.

In general, blue collar jobs are the ones most vulnerable to automation.
In spite of this, machines will not be able to take over every job. Businesses will continue to utilise workers as long as the economy remains healthy.
How to find a job?
Finding jobs is much easier than it was before. With most dream jobs not being advertised, networking plays an important role in finding the right job. Finding a job at a job fair, job boards and career websites are different ways one can find a job.
How to write a cover letter for a job application?
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What is an internship?
An internship is where you learn the basics of work-life. An internship is a great way to learn everything you need to know about working in the field of your interest before you commit to a full-time position.